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59 Responses

  1. Thanks for give me a chance to get the scholarship!

    • i will complete my ba on economics in this year on july 3 /2011 so that iwant to learn mastwes on economics and i need your schoolar service for the success.thank you in advance.

    • Please be accurate when you apply for scholarship, when you write a sentence for a scholarship, they will consider your common-sense is it well or not and at least you have to have TOFEL for applying scholarship.

      Hope you understand these words!

  2. Please, i need scholarship alert via my e mail. I thank you for work well done.

  3. support me for scholarship

  4. i need to learn master in economic so that i wish the chance of shchoolar for this success.thank you in advance.

  5. iam a student at sokoine university of agriculture and am compliting my degree in sept 2012…i hambly request to get a chnace for a schoolership

  6. I am looking for scholarship at poletical sceince; I thank you for you give me the chance.

  7. iam a teacher in Iraqi kurdistan. i wan scholarship to study master in English languge

  8. Iam an emerging young leader working with Women and Human’s Rights Organization.
    I continue to demonstrate my personal commitment to education through my mentoring of young leaders. I mobilize neighborhood youth to participate in leadership and life skills training in communication, literacy and schooling in national languages, internet, reproductive health and human rights, including gender equity and education for all. During school vacation time, i organizes cultural exchange excursions for Malian youth and for young people like themselves from other countries who also want to know Mali. I am specifically interested in using technology in youth leadership training.

  9. I completed high school last year in Ngara Girls High School. I would request for a scholarship in being a doctor. This is because am truly passionate in helping people and this is the best way i know how. I got an A- as my mean grade. Please i promise not to be a dissapointment should i be considered. Contact me of any opportunity available via my email. Thank you.

  10. I wil be conpleting a degree in History in 2012 from the University of Guyana and I am interested in doing my masters in Geopolitics. It is my greatest desire to be awarded a scholarship.

  11. PLEASE HELP IN LEARNING my msc. on your university.

  12. Guys it will be beneficial to write in good English when making comments in this website as it goes a long way in accessing your academic vigour.

  13. You are right my brother. The standard of our English this day raises serious concern. People do not know when to use capital letters and full stop anymore. It is a fall out from the general decadence that has beclouded our great nation.Again, on issuses bothering on scholarship,people must take their destiny in their own hands. Sadly, Nigeria is not investing in its tomorrow. Go to Havard, Oxford, Imperial, Melbourne-all you will see are Chinese students studying strategic courses on scholarship. Contrarily, the few states offering scholarships to Nigerians will prefer to send them to Sweden, Finland, Romania and the likes and still put it down that millions have been spent sending the students to schools. Come on. Let us wake up.

  14. nice word

  15. kindy request for scholaship and sponsorship in my mba early july 2012 after my undergraduate studies ur lugela catherine

  16. I am a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso in nigeria studied civil engineering with second class upper division. I am looking forward to pursue my M.SC in structural engineering with full scholarship. please, help me out by sending appropriate link to me. Thanks.

  17. want a university scholarship to newzealandaustralia.lm from Zimbabwe waitin for A level results.l was doin Maths,biology.chemistry.wrote maths in june got 4 points.please may you assist.

  18. I am a citizen of almost poorest country NEPAL.i will have completed my bachelors degree in civil engineering by 2013. I am passionate about learning megastructures. moreover my country level of study is theoritical than practical. so for quality education i am looking forward to scholarship in structural engineering

  19. i want to study abroad and i know that my dream have come true, as i want to be a successful medical doctor

  20. my name is mohammad rafi hajizada and i have completed my bachelors degree in india in political science.
    i am very keen to do mba in any of european countries .
    i am from afghanistan .

    Me ABEBE ANTENEH WUDNEH graduated from Addis Ababa University in political science and international relations in 2006.By this I enabled to acquire knowledge, experiences and skills how to work and co exist in study and work area. I took political science and international relations as a major subject and management as a minor subject. During my university life I was kind, energetic and hard worker student. After graduation, since Nov 2007 till Nov 2008, I was employed as an instructor in Kombolcha higher and preparatory school. Since Nov 2008 up to Sep 2011 I was an instructor in Kutaber higher and preparatory school. But after Oct 2011 I am a project initiative expert in the ministry of Science and technology. Now I would like to develop my academic level in order to make my self more productive and effective in my work and community area. For this I would like to get your support which may be ideally, financially or a scholarship .I would like you to provide me something important for my success.


  22. Dear
    I am GEDA from Ethiopia. I have BA in cooperative under accounting and auditing stream. I eagerly want to continue my MA by any relative field of study. I am trying to get the chance. However, still I am finding my way to get the chance. If I get free, financial aid /work/study, Grant or sponsors chance I want to study either cooperative accounting and hospitality management or Management information system or any relative field that you have. So please consider my feeling and try to give me the chance.
    You can send me information on my email address this will be great help for me. I know it is a tough task and it will be time consuming. I look forward to your positive reply.
    Yours truly,
    Geda K Gesemo

  23. i am mfreke umana from nigeria i am studing medicine please i need scholarship.

  24. Pls i would like to know when 2012 BEA scholarship starts

  25. I am geologist i was end my bechalor at 2011, i well becamer very happy if you give me a chance to get the Msc scholarship in structur geology or eny department of hydrogeology. My E-mail

  26. I am an Afghan i have my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BBA) want to improvee my knowledge and get My master Degree in related Field. so i need for scholarship.

  27. my profession is Geologist.I want to enjoy your firm and have a chance of scholarship to build my skill well consrning my professional inorder to support societies after my skill and knowlegde developed.Therefore I kindly ask your Firm toget scholarship of Master Degree in related field.

  28. It a lovely site pls do feed me with vital information on how to apply on schorlarshipe south africa and also schorlarship bukina faso.i am a nigerian ,love you….

  29. I am keen to further my studies on public health especially on HIV/AIDS management and related diseases such as TB, Malaria and others . Please help me to achieve my goal, Namibia ( Africa)

  30. I am James T. Williams Jr from Liberia.I am a student of Stella Maris Polytechnic were I am doing Electronics Engineering.I really need a scholarship.

  31. please remember me every time

  32. How can i get a chance.

  33. Please give me a chance to get the scholarship

  34. please give the chance to me specifically because of I am interested now

  35. hi am egessa Francis from Uganda looking scholarship in US.I lost ma parents in the LRA WAR

  36. I will appreciate any one is ready to share ma grave dad was kidnapped by rebels and later killed.later mum also was rapped.this run up to the kampala where i was helped by an ngo but now am 19 and i cannot afford ma high skool tuition.i love guys may god bless u

  37. Hi l did a higher diploma in IT in kenya but am currently working with a government department dealing with Disaster management esp Drought and conflict,so am interested in doing a degree in Project planning and management,or disaster management.
    thank you

  38. am poor , orphan i don’t have money for university yet i want to study am in Uganda help me please.

  39. hello i am fetene from ETHIOPIA Previously I worked at the University of JImma in sport science department as graduate Ass. Working at the elite sports activities at the University provided me with a great deal of experience in a variety of sports .i am looking forward MSc in any sport science filed to developed sports specific direction with my continuing professional development.

  40. I am a Malawian and i’m for a scholarship to further my education im undergraduate student living in Malawi. If there is any help inform me. I will grateful if am considered.

  41. I apreciate for your precising work you are doing to the poor.Thank you.

  42. How can I find you, please? Would you tell me the instruction I must follow to have the chance, please?

  43. My name is Gizachew Melese.I am living in Ethiopia. I was graduated from Haramaya University,in Ethiopia with BA degree in Economics in July;2008. Even if I am very eager to continue my education, I was unable to do so because of economic problem.Please help me in fulfilling my long time dream. Thank you very much for cooperation.

  44. Plz iwould like to be awarded this scholarship since icome from apoor family&iwanted to study medicine course for 3yrs as from this sept.intake,any feedback try to send for through my email.thanks in advance.

  45. i am opara maudlyne a B.A holder in english/literature i would like to further my education and have a masters degree on any related course on scholarship.pls grant me my request.tanks

  46. I am from Nigeriia and I wish to apply for a masters degree program to any country but I don’t have the link to do that please.
    Can you send me the link, thanks

  47. I am ikenna onwubuche from Nigeria and I studied statistics from Abia State Polytechnic and I wish to further my education to masters degree on a scholaship.
    Can you send links which I will use to sumitt my application

  48. I am Mohammed A. Sheriff from Liberia and i studied Accounting at the University of Liberia and would like to benefit from any scholarship to to further my studies in petroleum management. can you assist me in providing guidance?

  49. my name is yaqub i want for a shcolorships.ok

  50. it is realy nice and i like so mmuch….

  51. am Angwali Denis from uganda i would also want to be part of this wonderful chance to study more so that i can create an impact further to the world around me am in uganda currrently pursisng a bachelors of development studies and in my last semester.

  52. i’m a student from somalia and i would be extremly happy if i get a scholarship to any country beside here becouse wars have damaged us mentally and physically !

  53. my name is Zebiba Sultan i’m student at Adama university i’m computer science student. i need scholarship if any faculty thanks

    Me DANO TAKILE BARKESA graduated from JImma University in Doctor of veternery medicine in 2014.By this I enabled to acquire knowledge, experiences and skills how to work and co exist in study and work area. During my university life I was kind, energetic and hard worker student. Now I would like to develop my academic level in order to make my self more productive and effective in my work and community area. For this I would like to get your support which may be ideally, financially or a scholarship .I would like you to provide me something important for my success.


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