120 Swedish Government Scholarships for International Developing Country Students

The Swedish government administers a number of scholarships each year for international students and researchers coming from developing countries to pursue their educations at a Swedish university. The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships target highly-qualified students from the countries listed below. About 120 scholarships will be awarded for studies in Sweden, starting in August 2012. The scholarship covers both living costs and tuition fees.

Please note that in order to apply for a Swedish Institute Study scholarship the student must first be admitted to a Swedish university/university college. The application period for study programs opens 1 December, 2011.

The application period for Swedish Institute Study scholarship will be March 14-25, 2012.

Target Group: International students from developing countries | less developing countries

Number of Scholarships: 120 in total (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Program)

The program is open to candidates from two different categories of countries.

Category 1:

Candidates with citizenship from the following countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Within this category around 60 scholarships will be awarded.

Category 2:

Candidates with citizenship from countries below:

Afghanistan, Kenya, Armenia, Albania, Angola, Korea, Dem. Rep. Belize, Algeria, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Rep . Bolivia *Anguilla, Benin, South Sudan, Cameroon, Antigua and Barbuda, Bhutan Tajikistan Cape Verde Argentina
Burkina Faso Zimbabwe Congo, Rep. Azerbaijan, Burundi Côte d’Ivoire Belarus, Cambodia Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Rep. El Salvador, Botswana, Chad, Fiji, Brazil, Comoros,  Georgia,  Chile, Congo, Dem. Rep. Ghana, China, Djibouti Guatemala, Colombia, Equatorial Guinea Guyana Cook Islands
Eritrea Honduras Costa Rica Ethiopia India Cuba Gambia Indonesia Dominica Guinea Iraq Dominican Republic Guinea-Bissau Kosovo Ecuador Haiti Marshall Islands Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Kiribati Micronesia, Federated States Gabon Laos Moldova Grenada Lesotho Mongolia Iran Liberia Morocco Jamaica Madagascar Nicaragua Jordan
Malawi Nigeria Kazakhstan Mali Pakistan Lebanon Mauritania Papua New Guinea Libya Mozambique Paraguay Malaysia Myanmar Philip p ines Maldives Nepal Sri Lanka Mauritius Niger Swaziland Mexico Rwanda Sy ria Montenegro Samoa *Tokelau *Montserrat São Tomé and Príncipe Tonga Namibia Senegal Turkmenistan Nauru Sierra Leone Ukraine Niue Solomon Islands Uzbekistan Palau Somalia Vietnam Panama Sudan West Bank and Gaza Strip Peru Tanzania Serbia Timor-Leste Sey chelles T ogo South Africa Tuvalu *St. Helena Uganda St. Kitts-Nevis
Vanuatu St. Lucia Yemen St. Vincent and Grenadines Zambia Suriname Thailand Tunisia Turkey Uruguay
Venezuela *Wallis and Futuna

Scholarships are intended for studies in Sweden starting in the fall semester 2012 (August) and focus mainly on master’s level. A few scholarships will be awarded for studies at bachelor’s level.

Who is eligible?
The scholarships are intended for students from the above-mentioned target group for full time studies in Sweden. There is no age limit for scholarship holders.

Scholarships cannot be granted for students who:

Have already lived in Sweden for two years or more previous to the scholarship period.
Have a Swedish permanent residence or work permit.
Have previously been awarded a Swedish Institute scholarship for studies at Master’s level or for research at a Swedish university.
Already hold a Master’s degree from a Swedish university/university college.
Are currently enrolled in a study program on Bachelor’s or Master’s level at a Swedish university or university college.

How to apply for a scholarship (See the link below)

Prior to applying for a scholarship, the student must first apply for a study program at Master’s or Bachelor’s level via http://www.universityadmissions.se, an online application service for study programs in Sweden.

About 600 different study programs at Swedish universities are eligible for a scholarship. The programs have been selected by the Swedish universities and cover a wide variety of study areas. The list of eligible study programs can be found here.

As soon as the results of Swedish university admission have been published at http://www.universityadmissions.se, the online service for the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships will open. Please note that only admitted students can apply for a scholarship. The scholarship application period will be March 14-25, 2012. A list of successful candidates will be published at http://www.studyinsweden.se and http://www.si.se in mid-April.

More information about the application procedure can be found here.

Scholarship benefits and period

The scholarship covers both the tuition fee (which is paid directly to the Swedish university/university college by the Swedish Institute) and living expenses to the amount of SEK 8,000 per month.

The scholarship is only awarded for programs starting in the fall semester 2012 (August) and is granted for of one academic year, i.e. for two semesters at a time. It will be extended for programs longer than two semesters provided that the study results are satisfactory.

The scholarship is designed to cover living costs and study expenses for the scholarship holder. There are no grants for family members. The granted scholarship period cannot be altered or extended beyond the study program period nor can the scholarship be transferred to another study program at a Swedish university.

SI Network for Future Global Leaders

All Swedish Institute scholarship holders are invited to become members of the SI Network for Future Global Leaders – a network that offers unique opportunities during and after the stay in Sweden. Together with other talented people from all around the world, the scholarship holder is able to take part in a variety of events, exchange ideas and create networks that benefit both to career and personal development.

Travel grants

Scholarship holders will receive a travel grant in connection with the scholarship. The travel grant is a one-time payment of SEK 10.000.


Scholarship holders are insured by the Swedish State Group Insurance against illness and accident during the scholarship period.


Further information about scholarship application or information, please click HERE


12 Responses

  1. Helo, I’m CIPRIANO BOSCO from Timor Leste, Please give chance to try to get the place on the scholarship of master degree you given out.

  2. I found the name of my coutry in this list, but there is no any links, to show which application i should fulfil in other links..

    can you help me?

    country is Azerbaijan

    • I come from Burundi. I’d like to apply for a master programme in Sweden but I do not see the link in which I can find the application form. However, the name of my country figures among the eligible countries.

  3. Hi I am pratap Kc from Nepal. I want to do master in electronics engineering . I don’t see the link how to apply . Could you help me how to apply for the program .

  4. I have read a list of countries bt namibia is unmentioned, a we excluded? Please help mi because i complited my matrix and no where 2 go study. Reguesting 4r ur help please

  5. Hello…

    I found the name of my coutry in this list, but there is no any links, to show which application i should fulfil in other links..

    My country is Afghanistan .

  6. Dear sirs

    Hope you are fine

    My name is Murtada Al Manifi, from Yemen. I like to finsh a Master on English Literature ( Coparative Literature ). Shakespeare s Othello and Antara Bin Shaddad story of Arabia.
    See If the thesis is accepted.


    Thanks in advance

  7. i m acomunity medicen diploma graduted in 1996 wana study master in same branch can i.from yemen phone 733520855

  8. hi!
    i am gadissa gemada
    i study 4th year electrical engineering from ethiopia,Haramaya university.
    i want free scholarship & study MS in your country .i wait posativie immidiate response
    thank you ,jesus bless you.

  9. hi i am abenezer lebena am from ethiopia .i have completed gradw 12 and iwant you to help me on my on searching undergraduate free scholar ship hthank you .i hope i will hear the good news

    • Dear sir/madam
      I would wish to request for consideration to study at your country. I am a kenyan resident ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree…
      forward for your humble reply.

  10. I am hakoola milambo from zambia applying for a scholarship in civil engneering.your postive response wil highly be appreciated.

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