150 CUD Development Scholarships for Developing Countries

From the academic year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, up to 150 scholarships are available from the Belgian CUD Scholarships (Commission Universitaire pour le Développement) to students coming from developing countries for Master’s Degree, International Training Programmes and Internships. This scholarship covers the tuition fees, living expenses, return tickets and a few additional costs.

List of Scholarships for Developing Country Students 2011-2012 and 2012-2013

-Master in Aquaculture (10 scholarships available)
-Master in Transport Management (12 scholarships available)
-Master in Public Health – Guidance Health and Development (13 scholarships available)
-Master in Science and Environmental Management in Developing Countries (12 scholarships available)
-Master in Management of Animal and Plant Resources in Tropical Environments (12 scholarships available)
-Master in Management of Natural Hazards (11 scholarships available)
-Master in Science and Technology of Foods (11 scholarships available)
-Master in Transfusion Medicine (10 scholarships available)
-European Master in Microfinance (12 scholarships available)
-Master in Protecting Tropical and Subtropical Crops (10 scholarships available)
-Master in International Economics and Development (11 scholarships available)
-Master in Development, Environment and Societies (14 scholarships available)
-Master in Public Health Methodology (12 scholarships available)
-Internship at the Use of Information Technologies and Communication in the University Libraries (14 scholarships available)
-Training in Geographic Information System (14 scholarships available)
-Training in Management Systems Health Services – economics and resource management / planning (network A) – Management Science and Research in Health Systems (chain B) (14 scholarships available)
Methodological in-Training Support for Innovation in Family Agriculture (14 scholarships available)
-Training in Environment and Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources (14 scholarships available)

Eligibility for Scholarships

Only students from developing countries ( listed below ) are eligible for applying for this scholarship

South Africa, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guinea, Haïti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Uganda, Peru, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, El Salvador, Senegal, Suriname, Tanzania, Palestinian territories, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe

How to apply


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7 Responses

  1. I am Yosef Ermiyas, from ETHIOPIA.Iam graduted from Wolaita sodo univresity in Geography and Enviromental study.my CGPA is 3.63.If you give a chance I want to learn master in Devlopement,Environment and societies or training in Geographic information system(GIS).
    Pleas real my vission .
    Yosef Ermiyas
    Email yosef22eri@gmail.com

  2. i am Eglal El.amin , a graduate of university of Khartoum , Faculty of medicine , Sudan , i am so interested in your -Master in Public Health – Guidance Health and Development program , unfortunately i came to notice that my country Sudan is not mentioned in your list although it’s a developing african country , i just want to know is there any chance that i can be eligible ?
    Waiting for you reply ,
    thank you ,
    Eglal El.amin

  3. is it for Pakistan Nationals also ?

  4. I am a cameroonian with a BSc in Environmental science and am interested in environmental management so please do i stand a chance because i have an upper second class GPA and can only speak and write English and my native language. Please help me

  5. My name is Haileslassie Gebremeskel I am an Ethiopian young gay graduated with Bachelor Science in Horticulture on June 27, 2007 G.C form Jimma University. After I graduated I worked in governmental organization as agronomist for three years. Currently I am working in Ethiopian Institute Agricultural Research, Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center under the Crop Research Process as Aromatic; Medicinal and Biofuel plants case team coordinator and junior researcher particularly focusing on breeding aspect of Aromatic and Medicinal plants.
    I tried to use all my effort to prepare relevant documents of the research out put for the different organization and institution including manual and scientific paper (as published in Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic plant Science and biotechnology Global Science Book, Vol. 5 No. 2, 2011).
    For me, it is not enough to explore my potential that is why I summon this opportunity to pursue my post graduate studies.

    With best regards

    Haileslassie Gebremeskel

  6. I am Manzoor and I am intrested in MPH I want to know if Pakistani students are eligible to aply for that scholarship coz Pakistan is not included in above list.

  7. I am Razia Khavari from Afghanistan,but in your list there is no this country.I am bachalare of agriculture and I interest to get one of scholarship for MSc program,Please help me in this case and reply me as soon as possible.

    Razia Khavari

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