British Government Chevening Scholarships for Developing Countries

Most scholarships for study in the UK are funded by the British Government and are paid to another government for its students, either directly or through an organisation such as the British Council. Initially you should contact your own Ministry of Education or Education Department, which will have details of most schemes and will also be able to advise you on your own government’s conditions for studying abroad. In addition, you should contact the nearest British Council office in your country, which should give you details of relevant scholarship schemes. If there is no British Council office, then contact the nearest British Embassy or High Commission.

The British Chevening Scholarships 2011-2012 | 2012-2013 | 2013-2014

Chevening Scholarships are for talented people who have been identified as potential future leaders across a wide range of fields including politics, business, the media, civil society, religion and academia. Most scholars undertake a one year master’s degree.

British Chevening scholarships are awarded to extremely able students wishing to follow full-time, postgraduate or second degree courses or full-time research in a UK institution. Awards may be for study in any subject field. Preference is given to postgraduates and those already established in a career. Awards, which may cover all or part of the costs, are usually given for formal courses of postgraduate study but may be given for shorter vocational or research courses.

Award details for Chevening Scholarship

The total value of a Chevening Scholarship varies a little according to the applicant’s country of origin. The Scholarship comprises the cost of the Overseas tuition fees; a monthly maintenance stipend; one return air fare from the applicant’s country of origin; and an allowance for necessary books and materials.

Who should apply ?

Chevening Scholarships are for high calibre graduates with the personal, intellectual and interpersonal qualities necessary for leadership. Applicants should be:

  • Motivated to make a career that will take them to positions of leadership in their own country within ten years of their scholarship
  • Able to use their studies and experience in the UK to benefit themselves, their countries and the UK
  • Natural influencers and talented communicators, with energy and ambition
  • People who value networking and who can demonstrate the value of networks to their studies, and to bringing about change on a global level
  • Intelligent, with demonstrable academic potential
  • Strong characters with integrity, drive, and the ability to self manage and work independently

Applicants must: 

  • Have good English language skills with and should check what IELTS score or equivalent is required for admission to postgraduate courses
  • Meet the academic requirements for their courses of study

Applicants cannot be:

  • A UK or EU national.
  • An employee of the FCO (including British Embassies and High Commissions), the British Council, a co-sponsor or sponsoring UK university, or their relatives, or former employee who left such employment within the past two years.
  • People who have already received financial benefit from an HMG-funded award.
How to apply ?

There is no coordinated global launch of the programme. British missions around the world will advertise Chevening separately, so timings will vary. Some Embassies will advertise as early as late autumn, while others will start as late as spring.

Before applying

Please check your local British Embassy or High Commission website, and your local British Council website, for details about how the scheme will operate in your country, including information about timings and whether criteria about areas of interest have been applied.

Application  How to apply)

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  1. i want to study MBA IN BRITISHE .

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  3. looking for possible master degree scholarship – public administration & diplomacy opportunities in UK if available

  4. I Wish that to get a chance to have master degree especially in a public health/nutrition in U.K

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