2012-2013 scholarship for Filipinos | international scholarship for Philippines

Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) awards scholarships to Filipino students or students from the Philippines so that they can follow a Master’s program in Japan for the academic year 2012-2013.

The Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) project has been started in the Philippines since 2002. Up to day, total of 199 fellows have been sent to Japan under the project. JDS project is now inviting potential applicants who understand its aims and are interested in 2-year master degree program at Japanese accepting universities for the academic year 2012-2013.The program will be instructed in English. The number of dispatches is 20 per year.

Sub-Program/ Component and Accepting University

The JDS project consists of “Sub-Program” and “Component” as the priority field of study, which correspond to and deal with the target priority issues for the social and economic development of the Philippines. The fellows are selected from the “Target Organizations”whose mission is closely related to the “Sub-Program” and “Component”.
This approach gives its most importance on “Selection and Concentration” on the target priority development issues, securing further effectiveness and efficiencies of the program.

Sub-Program Component University
1. Capacity Enhancement of Administrative Institution 1-1. Support of Good Governance(PDF / 30KB) International University,
Graduate School of International Relations (PMPP)
(PDF / 59KB)
Kobe University,
Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
(PDF / 28KB)
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University,
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
(PDF / 65KB)
1-2. Support for Agriculture and Rural Development/ Small and Medium-sized Enterprise for Improvement of Livelihood(PDF / 67KB) Nagoya University,
Graduate School of International Development
(PDF / 44KB)
1-3. Regional Development Administration in Mindanao (PDF / 29KB) International Christian University,
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
(PDF / 199KB)
Meiji University,
Graduate School of Governance Studies
(PDF / 57KB)
2. Sustainable Economic Growth Aimed at Creating Employment Opportunities 2-1. Support for Financial Reform and Investment Promotion Policy (PDF / 69KB) International University of Japan,
Graduate School of International Relations (IDP)
(PDF / 130KB)
2-2. Development of Basis for Economic Growth (PDF / 28KB) Nagoya University,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies
(PDF / 119KB)

» Please find whole figure of the framework of JDS project in the Philippines here.(PDF / 14KB)

» Map of the Accepting Universities here. (PDF / 68KB)

Eligible Applicants

  • 1. A Filipino Citizen
  • 2. Between 22 and 39 years old as of April 1, 2012 (in principle)
  • 3. Civilian government employee in Target Organization with permanent status, and has at least 2-year work experience at the time of application
  • 4. Has a performance rating of at least ‘Very Satisfactory’ in the past year
  • 5. Has Bachelor’s degree relevant to the applying field. For Component 1-2, 16 years of formal education is required (in principle), however, relevant academic/research career or working experience can be considered as the alternative to meet the requirement.
  • 6. Has not been awarded foreign scholarship for Master’s degree

How to apply ?


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  1. Annyeong Haseyo I’m Ryan Christian Jusay from Philippines. As far as i know my Korean friend ask you about foreign scholars in Korea. Me and my friend wants to be but how? Do you have facebook account? Please contact me here ~ https://www.facebook.com/ryanchristian.jusay .. I promise that we will study very hard for your school. We like to become scholar because we are poor and have a lot of financial problem. We love your country (South Korea) very much that why we want. Hopefully me and my friend will be a scholar in your school . We will do all we can for scholarship. By the way, how could be apply an scholarship? What do you need for that? What requirements do you need? Please response my message for you. This is my phone number (+639994454757 or +639982648461). Thank You very much and hopefully we we will do it

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