Scholarship for Filipinos | International Scholarship Filipinos

2012-2013 international scholarships for Filipinos or Filipino students to study in the United Kingdom (UK)

Scholarship for Filipinos | Filipino Scholarships

This scheme strengthens scientific research capacity in low- and middle-income countries, by providing support for junior researchers to gain research experience and high-quality research training at Masters degree level.

Research projects should be aimed at understanding and controlling diseases (either human or animal) of relevance to local, national or global health. This can include laboratory based molecular analysis of field or clinical samples, but projects focused solely on studies in vitro or using animal models will not normally be considered under this scheme.

We are particularly interested in requests for research training support in the social sciences, demography, health economics, medical statistics and vector biology.

What’s included ?

This fellowship is part of a series of career awards aimed at building sustainable capacity in areas of research that have the potential for increasing health benefits for people and their livestock in low- and middle-income countries.

This fellowship normally provides up to 30 months’ support. A period of 12 months should normally be dedicated to undertaking a taught Masters course at a recognised centre of excellence, combined with up to 18 months to undertake a research project.

While undertaking a Masters course, fellows will receive a stipend in accordance with the cost of living in the country in which he/she will be studying; travel costs and support for approved tuition fees. Masters training by distance learning is acceptable.

Masters course fees will be paid according to the rate charged by the training institution.

A salary is provided for the period of the research project. Project-dedicated research expenses (consumables, small items of equipment, collaborative travel and support to attend scientific meetings) are also provided. Overseas allowanceswill be provided where appropriate. Contributions to other costs of the project that are directly incurred by the overseas institution may also be provided.

You should be:

  • national or legal resident of a low- and middle-income country, and hold a first degree in subject relevant to tropical medicine or public health (clinical or non-clinical)
  • at an early stage in your career, with limited research experience, but have a demonstrated interest in or aptitude for research

Research-dedicated costs (excluding salary/stipend costs) should not exceed £20 000 per annum

How to apply ? visit:
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  1. this is Abdisa from Jimma University (Ethiopia). I am Lecturer at Jmma University and I want to study my PhD on statistics in your country. How I can? please, help me how I can get the PhD scholar.

  2. how to apply the schlarship

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