Scholarship for Ethiopia

Scholarship for Ethiopian Students and students from Ethiopia to study in Germany

Within the Master of Public Policy (MPP) at the Brandt School a specialisation in Conflict Studies and Management (CSM) is offered as a selective track. The MPP is a two-year, practice-oriented degree programme taught in English and designed for students seeking a career in the public or non-profit sector. During their course of studies, students learn to understand the theoretical underpinnings of political processes and develop critical, analytical and practical abilities. For this purpose, the core curriculum combines quantitative and qualitative approaches to public policy-analysis with elements dedicated to the advancement of personal skills and systematic practical training.

The specialisation in CSM provides students with a sound theoretical basis for analysing contemporary conflicts and developing policy responses to them. Furthermore, it conveys practical skills to assess policy interventions critically and develop approaches to conflict resolution.

Thus, in line with the special focus of a public policy school, the Brandt School looks at conflict studies and management with a special interest in how policy-making and public policy as a research perspective (discipline) need to be re-thought in the context of conflict management and post-conflict reconstruction efforts. In particular, the role of governments, international actors and NGOs as policy-makers in conflict areas, fragile states and war-torn countries will be considered in the CSMP.

The MPP specialising in CSM is designed for students with an academic background in international relations, political sciences and the wider social or human sciences with a proven interest or practical experience in the fields of post-conflict-management and reconstruction, peace building, institutional development and governance, regional security (esp. developing frameworks for regional security architectures), conflict resolution or terrorism.

The MPP specialising in CSM

  • Provides a coherent overview of conflict studies and conflict management theory and practice;
  • Provides different theoretical frameworks that may be used to organise historical knowledge and interpret contemporary policy-making;
  • Examines theories and models of state-, institution-, and peace-building, and evaluates attempts to manage, resolve, or transform conflicts;
  • Provides an ambitious example of the manner in which the multi-disciplinary approach of public policy associated with conflict studies can overcome the limitations of studying conflict through any single disciplinary lens.

Master’s Scholarships

The Master’s Scholarships are awarded for the normal duration of the Master’s course (2 years) with an additional German language course of generally 6 months before the beginning of studies. All scholarships will initially be awarded for a maximum of 12 months and can be extended for another year upon application.

DAAD pays a monthly scholarship rate of currently 750 €. The scholarship also includes contributions to health insurance in Germany. In addition, DAAD grants an appropriate travel allowance as well as a study and research subsidy and in applicable cases rent subsidies and / or family allowances.

The scholarship holders will be exempted from tuition fees. They will be offered special tutoring at the Brandt School, and there is the possibility of further activities.

Application Requirements

Applications are open to candidates from countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America (List of countries).

At the time of their application, applicants for a CSMP Master’s scholarship must

  • have completed their studies with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (excellent or very good) in one of the following areas: International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies/War Studies, International Law, Area Studies, Political Sciences with concentrations in conflict studies or conflict regions. Highly qualified applicants with different academic backgrounds who demonstrate at least two years practical experience in the field are also eligible.
  • have excellent knowledge of English; please provide evidence of this by submission of appropriate language certificates (e.g. TOEFL: 550/213/80); knowledge of German is advantageous, but not required.
  • in general have completed their Bachelor’s degree in the last six years.
  • two years professional experience would be an asset.
  • Applicants cannot be considered if they have been in Germany for more than one year at the time of application.

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57 Responses

  1. Dear

    I am Meaza (female) international undergraduate student from Ethiopia. I have Diploma in information Technology. I eagerly want to continue my Degree by any relative field of study. I am trying to get the chance. However, still I am finding my way to get the chance. If I get free, financial aid /work/study, Grant or sponsors chance I want to study either Tourism and hospitality management or Management information system or any relative field that you have. So please consider my feeling and try to give me the chance.

    You can send me information on my email address this will be great help for me. I know it is a tough task and it will be time consuming. I look forward to your positive reply.

    Yours truly,
    Meaza Tezera

  2. Dear sir/madam
    this is chalachew from Ethiopia and i am graduated my BSC. in statistics in Ethiopian recognized university on July 2010.and currently i am employed at national bank of Ethiopia .I have the ambition to continue MSC. in bio statistics or other statistics related fields. i am waiting full scholarship including all expenses including travel fees. so if u gave me this chance i will be effective.
    Thank you for your regards,

  3. i have LLB degree from adiss ababa university ethiopia so i would be delightfull if you send me any relevant information that enables me to persue my LLB degree, thank you in advance for your consideration
    GOD ‘s peace be up on you and us

  4. i am teferi debas from ethiopia who holds BA degree in accounting and finance. i want to attened master program in any field. please do your best.
    thank you in advance.

  5. dear sir/madam, this is zewdu from Ethio pia,i am graduated from university of Adis Ababa IN PSYCOLOGY IN 2011. I WILL be happy if you select me. thank you for your help! yoursfaithfully! e-mail

  6. My name is Tadele Yeneayehu, I have BSC in animal production. So that i would like continue my study in acuaculture . Then if you have access to suport me , i will keep your response.


  8. i am fedesa from ethiopia who holds degree in construction i want to attened master progrm.Then if you have access to suport me , i will keep your response.
    thank you in advance.

  9. i am Fedesa from Ethiopia who holds degree in construction Technology , i want to attend master program.Then if you have access to support me , i will keep your response.
    thank you in advance.

  10. i am asres berhanu tesema from Ethiopia .i was graduated in accounting from jimma university in accounting in the year of 2007 till to know i couldn’t get the opportunity to attend masters program,so i am kindly requesting my application for masters program in any field of Business and economics .
    thank you for your response .

    I am abebe from ethiopia i graduated from Addis ababa university in medical laboratory technology on july, 2008. i am working in Aklilu Lema reseach inistitute of pathobiology(addis ababa university).

  12. Fikadu Mitiku
    From Ethiopia having Bed (bachlor of education) in Health and Physical Education.If you can help me and give me a chance I want to continue my Msc in Human machanics, physiotherapy,coaching(athletics),or related fields. Ilook forward for your positive responses. Thanks a lot.
    your truely,

  13. Dear

    I am Nigusie international undergraduate student from Ethiopia. I have Bachelor degree in plant science.I eagerly want to continue my MSC and if I have got a chance and free financial aid and full sponsorship I want to study either plant breeding and Genetics or plant biotechnology . However, still I am finding my way to get the chance. So please consider my feeling.

    You can send me information on my email address I look forward to your positive reply.

    with my best regrad
    Nigusie Girma

  14. my name is muluken yihenew from Ethiopia.i was graduated from one of the leading university here in ethiopia with BA Degree in history and heritage management with best score.and also my research was choosen as an outstanding thesis from the department to be presented in the annual research symposium that was held at the university level.
    now i am seeking for a masters programme in conflict studies and management as well as any other related discipline.i know that my discipline is so close to this programme and i am waiting patiently for your good news.
    with regards.

  15. My name is Haileslassie Gebremeskel I am an Ethiopian young gay graduated with Bachelor Science in Horticulture on June 27, 2007 G.C form Jimma University. After I had been graduated I worked in ministry of agriculture and rural development for the last three years. But at this time I am working in Ethiopian Institute Agricultural Research, Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center under the Crop Research Process as Aromatic, Medicinal and Biofuel plants case team coordinator and junior researcher particularly focusing on (collection of new variety from the wild, Optimization of agronomic for cultivation, Recommended fertilizer and pesticide use, Development of fast growing varieties with disease tolerance, high yield(high herbage yield and essential oil content), producing plant that prevent, alleviate and cure human health safely than the synthetic once, early maturing, Determination of maturity and time of harvesting, Number of economically viable harvests and methods of harvesting) which are proposed as the main production aspect of those projects conducting by the institution. I tried to use all my effort to prepare relevant documents for the different organization and institution including manual and scientific paper (as published in Journal of Medicinal Aromatic plant Science and biotechnology, Japan). For me, it is not enough to explore my potential that is why I summon this opportunity to pursue my post graduate studies.

  16. I am Gemechu Bekele from Ethiopia my qualification Natural resource and Forestry From Hawasa University Wondo genet Forestry BSc degree and Diploma from Jimma university Agriculture I want to continue my MSc degree study in any related field of my qualification to help me and my country, when i write these message i am in japan tokyo for two month training and interested to join any japan university, please i can bring my document if needed, your response is very crucial.
    thank you

  17. I am jena I have Bachelor degree in community development and leadership.I eagerly want to continue my MA in any relative field of study.

    You can send me information on my e-mail address look forward to your positive reply.

  18. Dear sir/madam
    This is Dereje Asseged from Ethiopia and I am graduated with bachelor of art from Addis Ababa University College of Commerce in Accounting with on July 2008, and currently I am working for National Bio gas Programme Ethiopia as admin and finance officer of the southern region. I have the ambition to continue my education at a level of MBA in Financial management or Master of Public Policy (MPP) any related and or that can be suitable to my carrier for a better life and working at more responsible area which I believe could help me to contribute more for my poor country in particular and the world in general. If you can help me to find a scholarship that can help me to realize my dream you will proof how I am a man of courage.
    Thank you for your regards,
    Dereje Asseged

  19. I am Woubshet Amerga from Ethiopia. I am a graduate of Addis Ababa University. I have B.A degree in Economics, and M.A in Public Administration.
    Now, i want to depen my knowledge in Areas of Public Policy and Governance. To realize my dream, your assistance is invaluable.

    Thanks a lot in advance


  20. it is good

  21. i am called Yitbarek Abay from Ethiopia. i have graduated from Haromaya University with BSc degree in Environmental health in 2006. Right now i am working for the gov’t in mekelle health science collage with my BSc degree. there fore, as things become changed from time to time, i wanna upgrade my self in my profession. if i got a chance and free financial support with full sponsership, i wannastugy my MSc with Air pollution which is the question of every body. so realize my dream i am kindly requesting you to help me for all these expenses. i have a dream to contribute something new for my country with my profession, please stretch your hand to me and remember me always to realize my dream.
    For more information you can reach me via my email address i look forward to your positive response.

    with best regard

    Yitbarek Abay

  22. My name is Tesfaye Jale Geche. I am an Ethiopian. I have MEd degree from University of South Africa (UNISA) in Mathematics Education. I want to apply for the scholarship of Master of Public Policy specialising in CSM which I found it very essential for the development of my country, Ethiopia.I have good experience in research work. My masters dissertation is found to be the best and posted on the internet by UNISA for reference. Please consider my application positively and offer me the chance. Thank you.

  23. i am Tewodros Girma gratuated from Addis Ababa University(Ethiopia) as dental health professional(bachlor of dental science) with comulative GPA of 3.73 out of 4 in july 2009 and i have two years experience in dental science.i am 23 years i want a postgratuate scholarship.please respond to the mail.

    with best regards.

  24. My name is Abdulfetah kemalo. I am an Ethiopian. I have BSc degree from Arbaminch University in Computer Science & information Technology . I want to apply for the scholarship of Master which I found it very essential for the development of my country, Ethiopia.I have $ years working experience in Computer Science & information . Please consider my application positively and offer me the chance.
    Thank you.

    cell phone:-+251-0912233986
    office :-+2521-0113717344

  25. I am Zelalem Gebreyesus and gradutaed from mekele university in Soil and water conservation .I have good experience in research work and with pastoralists. Please consider my application positively and offer me the chance.


  26. please please i need to get higher education chance. i am not able to pay for fee in Ethiopia.

  27. My name is mohammed nure I studying in ethiopian university if i can follow my education in faculty of Business, i am ready, you can cantact me by this mail:

  28. i am nuredin. i am undergratuate student.i am from ethiopia.i would like to get modern learning .please help me.

  29. contact by Email

  30. This is bantegizie Zewudie from Ethiopia. I received a master of science degree in development economics from Adama university in 2o11 and I am a lecturer at dire dawa university. Now I want to study a PHD degree in development economics which is essential for the development of my country.
    Thanks a lot in advance

  31. To: Scholarship Committee

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My Name is Fikru Temtimu. I am technical assistant at Dela University one of Ethiopian Higher institution and I have Diploma in agriculture/ plant science is my specialization. I completed my Diploma in August 28, 2009 and then I became technical Assistant in Dela University school of Agriculture and until now i serve as laboratory technician.

    name: Fikru
    Status: Single
    last name:Temtimu
    birth date: 1/5/1992
    gender: male
    nationality: Ethiopia
    cell phone: +251 921134189

    Diploma: agriculture (plant science)
    university: Dela University
    grade: Great Distinction, GPA: out of 4.00/4.00

    I like to specialize in field related with Agriculture. I choice this field to solve the problem of skilled man power scarcity existing in my country & otain deep knowledge about agriculture to create different research to obtain new technology.

    I will highly appreciate to your respond

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  32. I am realy hoping to get my education.

  33. thank u for accepting the application.

  34. I was graduated from one of Ethiopian universities in statistics with BSc degree . and I am now teacher in wollo university . i would like to do my Msc in the field of either bio statistics or any related field of statstics . AND i need any full sponsorship for the fulfillment of my MSc in any universities abroad Ethiopia

  35. Dear madam\sir I am tewodros haile from ethiopia Iam B.ed degree holedr with mager Maths &miner physics from Bahir-Dar university in 2010 now I am working in prepartory teaching now I want to learn mastret degree with this or related filed I hope you helpe me
    my address pon -no +251918052010

    Me ABEBE ANTENEH WUDNEH graduated from Addis Ababa University in political science and international relations in 2006.By this I enabled to acquire knowledge, experiences and skills how to work and co exist in study and work area. I took political science and international relations as a major subject and management as a minor subject. During my university life I was kind, energetic and hard worker student. After graduation, since Nov 2007 till Nov 2008, I was employed as an instructor in Kombolcha higher and preparatory school. Since Nov 2008 up to Sep 2011 I was an instructor in Kutaber higher and preparatory school. But after Oct 2011 I am a project initiative expert in the ministry of Science and technology. Now I would like to develop my academic level in order to make my self more productive and effective in my work and community area. For this I would like to get your support which may be ideally, financially or a scholarship .I would like you to provide me something important for my success.


  37. Sir/madam
    I am sirak nigussie from ethiopia i have BA degree in Economics also diploma in computerizd I am working in HIV AIDS prevention &controlling offec head.I am very happy when I read your supporting programm for developing country also I wish to join and to contrebute for my country development more,but I need your full support to study MS programm in any related feild to my preveous study .so I am weiting your hope full answer.

    Yours truly
    Sirak nigussie

  38. I am Addisu Kefeni from Ethiopia. I learn now plant science after gradution I went contniu msc if i get chance. thankyou

  39. I am mikrewongel tadesse graduated from Hawassa University Wondo Genet College of forestry by production forestry. i am working in Mekelle University. I am very much interested to up grade my educational level and knowledge. Threfore, i am looking for any help in MSc scholarship in related fields of Natural resource.

  40. I am Firehiwot Girma i have BA from Ambo university extension program in department of cooperative accounting and auditing now i am working in Ambo university finance office as of fiance team leader i am 28 years old Therefore, I am looking your help In Masters program if there is any scholarship related fields of Social science

  41. i was zerihun abebefrom ethiopia. i was graduate from hawassa unversity by BA in anthropology. now i was employed in samara unversity as an instructor. now i was looking for tour free scholar ship if your give me the chance by social anthropology and other related feilds of the study.
    thank you!!

  42. I am Mohammed Yimam Reta from Ethiopia. I had graduated from Jimma university with a Bachelor Degree in Biology.For now I am teaching Biology in high school.I have more than twenty years of experience.I want to complete studying in the biological sector using your generous scholarship, if I will have it would be a great pleasure for me to learn in Germany.Besides that I had heard that Germany has a good rate of education, I would like to visit a foreign country.Therefore I would be glad if you would accept me.

  43. i am yalew Getachew G/tsadik from Ethiopia i was graduated from arbaminch university with BA degree in applied geography and environmental studies.know i am looking free scholarship in any social science field.thank you.

  44. Dear sir/madam,this is Goyteom Admasu the pioneer archaeologist in BA level in Ethiopia. I have BA degree in archaeology from Axum university one of the famous government universits in Ethiopia. I eagerly want to continue my MSC and if I have got a chance and free financial aid and full sponsership I want to study either field archaeology or ancient heritage preservation. So please consder my feeling.
    You can send me information on my email addrdss I look forward to your positive repley.

    With my best regad
    Goyteom Admasu

    By Goyteom Admasu

  45. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am from Ethiopia. I have graduated with BA of Geography and Enviromental Studies from one of Known Ethiopian University. Now I want to Upgrade my knowledge/Education and inorder to serve my People. I am from Poor family, so that I can’t afford Educational fees, but I want to learn. Please Can you help me ?

  46. I am from ethiopia ,am graguate and diplom in nursing am now want to learn medicaldoctar programme what option on ur side

  47. I am Tura Bareke from Ethiopia having Bsc Degree by General forestry with 3.34 GPA from Hawasa University ,Wondo genet Forestry in July 2010.Until now have 2 years of work experience( eight month in Oromia forest and wildlife Enterprise as forest expert and counter part with Ambero Gitake On behave of Giz AND one year and four month as honeybee plant researcher in Holeta bee research center) So now I am interested to learn in your country by studying on Forestry,Climate change and adaptation,Natural resource management ,integration of beekeeping with natural resource conservation and other related field. I hope you will invite me one of the above mentioned field.
    Wainting your best and encourage-able ideas
    Thank you
    Tura Bareke,from Ethiopia

  48. good

  49. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am from Ethiopia and would like to get scholarship, I have B.A in Health officer/public health with good result,so if I get the chance for farther education I am eager to apply. thank u for this chance for Ethiopians!
    thank you for your kind reply.

  50. Dear sir/madam
    I am Mohammed Nugus from Ethiopia am 27 yrs old I have first degree /BA/ In Geography and environmental studies from university of Gonder since 2006 and six year /6/ work experience on environmental protection and recognition for my best deeds from the government; I need your help to attend masters in environment and climate change or related fields to contributed to the global environmental threats so help me to join or how to get ful free scholarship if not plz invite me for a short term training. My email: Phone #, +2510914017395.
    With best regards!

  51. Dear
    I am Dawit Emiru, I have BA Degree in Business Administration and Information System from JImma university ( Ethiopia). I eagerly want to continue my Masters Degree by any relative field of study. I am trying to get the chance. However, still I am finding my way to get the chance. If I get free, financial aid /work/study, Grant or sponsors chance I want to study either Tourism and hospitality management or Management information system or any relative field that you have. So please consider my feeling and try to give me the chance.
    You can send me information on my email address this will be great help for me. I know it is a tough task and it will be time consuming. I look forward to your positive reply.
    Yours truly,
    Dawit Emiru

  52. I have BSC in Animal Production and Health from Haromaya University. Beside I have been working for the last five years.

    Now I am admitted by the Academic Committee on Admissions of Hawassa University to the MSc Programme Animal Production, and Now I am one year student . How can I get Research funding opportunity?

  53. I have been taking civil enginering coarse for 3 yeaars.
    now I just want to have some scholarship coarses.
    right now Iam asking you to give this chance.
    god bless you anyways!

  54. I have BA degree in public finical management . beside I have been working for the last two years. now I am one year student in accounting and financing in jimmy university , but I want further scholar ship free chance. I look forward to your positive reply

  55. I have BED degree in history from Jimma universityand already completed MA in Educational Leadership and Management from Hawassa university.I have a 10 year working experience.I highly demanding free scholarship in MA or PHD abroad.I hope you can help me !!!

  56. Hii….i am Getachew Sitotaw from Bonga/Ethiopia/. I have BA degree in sport science with special filed of athletics with CGPA of 3.13 from university of Bahir Dar. I need to follow a strong learn in your country with masters degree by any related fields.
    So I need how to apply and start the process also the condition in order to admitted . so my phone is +251917410312. Face book getachew sitotaw. Thank you!!!

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